Wake Up! Based on a true story of abuse and betrayal

Hey everyone!

My name is Hunter Marshall and I am an up and coming author.  My first novel “Wake Up! Based on a true story of abuse and betrayal, will be coming to Amazon soon!  It will also be available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords as well! My goal in writing this book is to open the eyes of people who think these kinds of things “Just don’t Happen”, especially in religious cultures.  I lived this, so I know it happens.  My hope is that I can reach at least one person who might find themselves in this kind of situation and let them know that there is a way out! It may not be the way you wanted it to happen, believe me, mine wasn’t, but I did get out and you can too!

I only knew two things when I married Grey Andrews: one, I was in love and two, I wanted to rebel against my parents, for the first time in my life, REALLY rebel. I, however, wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of negativity and abuse I encountered.

Grey would make sure I knew where I stood, with him, and with everyone else. He of course, was allowed to do whatever and whenever he pleased. Even during the rare times I would stand up to him, he would be sure that I knew I was nothing.
“You? What man in his right mind would want you? You are the biggest bitch I’ve ever known. Not to mention, you are damaged .” Grey said as he wheeled around with that all too familiar sneer. The last thing I heard was “I only married you out of pity.”

Did he really mean that? I loved him so much and thought if I loved him enough, he could change. I felt like I had been punched in the gut! Would he realize how lucky he was to have a beautiful wife and son. Only time would tell.

Grey made sure I was knocked down several pegs. Even worse than that was the way he treated Tyler. My heart bled every time that sweet little boy was pushed off to the side and denied the attention he so deeply needed and deserved.

Do you ever “Get over” abuse, betrayal and adultery? My answer, no. You “get through it”, but you don’t ever “get over” it. You take it one baby step at a time and the support of great family, good friends and a loving Heavenly Father that makes continuing on even remotely possible.


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